Sunday, July 3, 2011


Am I the only one who's pissed about Google+? Come on Goog, you want people to jump on your "social network", but you don't want them to. I'm confused.  If it wasn't ready for prime time, the it shouldn't have been released.  All your doing is putting a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

You open it for registration, then shut it down less than a week later.  You have billions, but yet can't build enough server space? Are hamsters running the Google+ servers? Did Mark Z. call you and tell you to stop before he calls his mommy for you?

Seriously, I've only heard great review, and you are only killing the momentum by keeping people out.  I'm I saying this because I am one of the people who can't get in? OK, that's part of it.  But I have heard enough people wanting to get in and it is obvious that it's hot.

Ok, it's only been a week, actually not even. And yes, you did say it was limited field trial, but that doesn't save you from the criticism.  YOU ARE GOOGLE. Let us in. Save me from that other "social network"


  1. That's right Z-Man tell'em. Come on Google let's get it together!

  2. Personally Z-man i'm over and done with social networks. Just like facebook they begin with a purpose and end up being a devilish advertising cult. No More!!!! Doesnt mean I wouldn't try it for like a day lol